It has long been said that investing in bricks and mortar is the safest investment.

But there are several considerations that buyers need to weigh up before jumping headfirst into a property purchase.

MARQ Portfolio Manager Emma Beauman said the location, potential rental return and associated expenses, such as rates, land tax and strata bills, were critical factors to consider when making the decision to invest in real estate.

“Location can play an important role in the rental price, the types of tenants you attract and the amount of interest you receive in your property,” Emma said.

“It’s often attractive to renters if the property is close to universities, schools, shops, public transport and/or hospitals, so location is a key factor that should definitely be considered.”

Timing your investment property to be available for rent around the new year may also be a good strategic move.

“Timing is always an important factor to consider,” Emma said. “In Canberra, many people are moving in or out towards the end of the year and beginning of new year for study and for government jobs, such as public service roles and postings.

“The end of the year usually becomes very busy with people moving, getting new jobs or having their children start at new schools, so this is always a good time to advertise an investment property online as people will be on the lookout for accommodation.”

Emma said it was also wise for investors to look at a diverse property portfolio with a variety of different styles of homes and locations to better safeguard against risk.

“As the rental market is consistently changing and areas are evolving it is always beneficial to have a diverse holding,” she said.

“If you are only purchasing in a particular area or building, you may see your rental return rise or fall drastically across your whole portfolio as opposed to naturally fluctuating keeping you at a steady median.”

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